The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has taken a major step to improve public transport safety by revoking the licenses of 64 Public Transport Operators (PTOs), commonly known as SACCOS.

This move follows concerns over non-compliance with road safety standards by the affected SACCOS.

"The National Transport and Safety Authority notifies the Public that it has revoked licences of the following Sixty-Four (64) Public Transport Operators (PTOs)," NTSA Director General George Njau said in a statement.

The authority  urged the public to avoid "inconveniences" by not boarding vehicles belonging to the blacklisted companies.

"Members of the Public are hereby advised not to board vehicles belonging to these Saccos/Companies," the statement said.

NTSA has also directed law enforcement to impound any vehicles belonging to the sanctioned Saccos found operating after the revocation.

"The National Police Service (NPS) has been advised to impound vehicles belonging to the Saccos/Companies found operating following the revocation of their licences," NTSA added.

The NTSA hopes that revoking licenses will serve as a deterrent and compel Saccos to prioritize passenger safety.

However, the movement is likely to cause some inconveniences to a number of commuters.

Below is the full list of the affected SACCOS: