During his ongoing visit to the United States, President William Ruto toured Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, marking a significant step towards enhancing collaborations for Kenya's creative industry.

This visit, hosted by renowned American TV host Steve Harvey, underscored President Ruto's commitment to fostering international partnerships and investing in the creative sector.

President Ruto highlighted the potential impact of this collaboration, noting, "The Tyler Perry Studios tour was an inspiration to put more effort and resources in the creative sector of our economy. I am encouraged by the huge potential for collaboration and partnership with such institutions that could help our young talented youth to monetize their creativity."

He emphasized the government's dedication to aligning critical areas in the creative industry to work with international figures like Harvey.

The President's visit aimed to explore opportunities for Kenya's creative talents and to learn from the successful model established by Tyler Perry.

"This is going to change our trajectory, we are going to plan more and I want to be grateful to people around this table," Ruto stated, acknowledging the influence of Hollywood and the possibilities it presents for Kenyan artists.

Steve Harvey, who played host to Ruto on behalf of Tyler Perry, shared his excitement about the partnership and announced his plans to visit Kenya.

Harvey revealed that he will travel to Kenya in September during his vacation and return in December for an official function.

"When I met my brother, he invited me to Kenya. It just so happens that September is when I hit my vacation," Harvey said.

"I'm going to start shooting Family Feud again in Johannesburg but this time for Botswana. So I'm going to be on that side of the world before I go to see my brother (Ruto) and we're going to hang out in Kenya. This is a dream come true."

President Ruto expressed his gratitude for Harvey's involvement and highlighted the role of international mentorship in inspiring local creatives.

"All the people from Hollywood we appreciate you and we want to see what we can do together so that you can act as an inspiration and mentor to many in Kenya who want to do what you do," Ruto added.

The visit to Tyler Perry Studios not only solidified the relationship between Kenya and prominent Hollywood figures but also promised new opportunities for Kenyan youth in the creative sector.

President Ruto's initiative signals a proactive approach to leveraging global expertise to boost Kenya's creative economy, fostering a supportive environment for local talent to thrive.