Kenyans can finally enrol for the highly anticipated Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) starting this Friday.

The announcement comes from Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha who confirmed the finalization of the necessary regulations.

"It is no longer a story but after the regulations are gazetted on Friday, we begin the journey on registration and begin deductions of the 2.75 per cent to take care of Kenyans," CS Nakhumicha declared during a speech in Kisumu.

This move marks a significant step towards universal healthcare in Kenya.

Within 90 days of its launch, all Kenyans are mandated to register as SHIF members to access the program's benefits.

Transparency and efficient use of funds were also addressed by CS Nakhumicha.

"I want to commit to Kenyans that we are going to put that money to good use. The pilferage, the thuggery that has been there at the Ministry of Health will be a thing of the past and we will ensure that we optimise on the resources that we receive and we put it to good use," she emphasized.

The contribution scheme for SHIF will also undergo a change. Kenyans will now contribute 2.75 per cent of their monthly income, replacing the previous system with a fixed minimum and maximum contribution range of Sh500 to Sh1,700.