Cabinet Secretary for Lands, Public Works, Housing, and Urban Development, Alice Wahome, has urged elected leaders from Kiambu County to set aside their personal differences and collaborate in the interest of their constituents.

Speaking during a round table discussion on Affordable Housing and Markets development programs in the county, CS Wahome emphasized on the importance of unity among Kiambu's leadership.

"I appeal to all of you; we should not lose money allocated for development projects by creating bottlenecks; let us work together to address the problem in the next 60 days," Wahome said.

This call for unity comes in response to concerns raised by elected leaders regarding the potential loss of funds meant for development.

Elected leaders in the county accused Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi of frustrating development projects saying this will cost the county billions of funds arising political differences in the county are not addressed urgently.

Senator Karungo Wa Thangwa, who led the discussion, expressed his apprehension that Kiambu County might lose Sh1.6 billion by the next month due to conflicts and disputes with the County executive.

“Sadly, we were informed that we are on the verge of losing Sh1.6 billion by next month due to the failure of the county executive to appoint municipal managers. Kiambu has also lost millions from the World Bank due to the governor's failure to establish various offices or committees as required by the World Bank,” Karungo lamented.

He further noted the shocking failure of the County to take up projects completed by the national government, such as the Githurai Market and Kirigiti Stadium.

Karungo expressed concern that the delay in releasing land for housing projects could result in the loss of 120,000 job opportunities for the youth, despite the need for approximately 12,000 housing units annually in Kiambu.

Charles Hinga, the Principal Secretary for Housing and Urban Development, highlighted the significance of Kiambu County in the Affordable Housing Program, considering its large population.

He stressed that the program not only aims to provide housing but also offers employment opportunities for the youth.

Principal Secretary for Lands, Nixon Korir, echoed the need for collaboration between various government bodies.

He emphasized the importance of partnership between the Ministry, County government, and the National Land Commission to resolve the issues at hand.

"I am going to work closely with my counterpart, PS Hinga, to ensure that we get the technical support in executing the projects that are touching on markets, housing, and any other developmental projects. Development is deliberate; you cannot scoop it," Korir Stated.

In response to the concerns raised, CS Wahome announced her intent to convene a meeting with Kiambu County's leadership, led by the Governor, to discuss the way forward for National Government's development initiatives in the county.

Her call for unity among the leaders and her commitment to addressing the development challenges have set the stage for potential progress and collaboration in Kiambu County.

Other leaders who attended the meeting included Thika Town MP Alice Ng’ang’a, Woman Rep Anne Wamuratha, Lari MP Mburu Kahangara among others.