President William Ruto assented to the Supplementary Appropriation (No.3) Bill at State House on Thursday, marking a significant step towards bolstering the agricultural sector by allocating a notable sum of Sh8.25 Billion to the purchase of subsidised fertilisers, with the aim of further elevating food production across the country.

To address post-harvest challenges and stabilize maize prices, a substantial portion of Sh2.1 Billion has been designated for post-harvest management.

This encompasses the acquisition of dryers, bulk storage facilities, and the purchase of excess maize from farmers at a fixed rate of Sh4,000 per 90-kilogramme bag.

The move is geared towards shielding farmers from the adverse effects of price fluctuations and ensuring a consistent income.

In a concerted effort to reform the sugar industry, an additional Sh1.7 billion has been earmarked.

This allocation encompasses settling farmers' arrears and improving sucrose levels, signalling the government's commitment to revitalizing the sugar sector.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of coffee production in the national economy, the government has set aside Sh4 billion for the revitalisation of the coffee sector.

This financial injection aims to enhance productivity and fortify the position of coffee as a crucial export commodity.

Addressing concerns related to excess milk supply during the rainy season, Majority Leader Kimani Ichungw'ah announced an allocation of Sh400 million to New KCC for the purpose of mopping up excess milk.

This strategic move aims to prevent farmers from incurring losses due to surplus milk in the market.

With these substantial allocations, the government demonstrates its commitment to fortifying the agricultural sector, ensuring food security, and providing support to farmers across various segments.

The Supplementary Appropriation (No.3) Bill stands as a testament to the government's proactive measures to bolster the agricultural backbone of the nation.