The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) and Kenya Railways are working together to improve the efficiency of cargo movement for Rwandan businesses, particularly those involved in the transit market.

This collaboration was solidified during a recent meeting between RRA Commissioner for Custom Services, Felicien Mwunvaneza, and Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Managing Director, Capt. William Ruto.

“As one of our key stakeholders, we maintain engagements with the Rwanda Revenue Authority to improve support for Rwandan customers in handling cargo for the transit market,” KPA stated, highlighting the importance of the partnership.

A key focus of the discussions was the Naivasha Inland Container Depot (ICD).

According to KPA, this facility, located in Kenya, offers a significant advantage for Rwandan businesses by reducing the transit distance by a substantial 1200 kilometres.

"The Naivasha Inland Container Depot is a key facility that Rwanda aims to leverage further," KPA said.

Furthermore, both parties expressed their commitment to working alongside the Kenyan government to eliminate non-tariff barriers.

These barriers are bureaucratic or administrative hurdles that can hinder the smooth flow of goods across borders.

By eliminating these obstacles, the aim is to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of the northern transport corridor, a vital trade route for Rwanda and other East African nations.

This collaborative effort signifies a positive step towards streamlining the movement of goods for Rwandan businesses, ultimately leading to faster and more cost-effective trade within the region.