The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has joined forces with the OYE Platform in a collaborative effort to bolster road safety measures for boda boda riders in Kenya.

This initiative targets a significant reduction in the alarming number of motorbike-related accidents plaguing the nation's roads.

Statistics paint a grim picture, with estimates suggesting a yearly death toll surpassing 1,600 individuals involving both boda boda drivers and passengers.

This amounts to up to one-third of all road accident fatalities in Kenya.

"Boda drivers are a critical part of Kenya’s transportation ecosystem, but also face significant road safety challenges," acknowledged NTSA Director General George Njao.

"This partnership with OYE will allow us to reach more drivers with life-saving road safety education and training."

Sharing his perspective, OYE CEO Kevin Mutiso expressed optimism about the partnership's potential to cultivate a culture of road safety awareness among boda boda riders.

"OYE is committed to supporting the Boda community, not just through financial services, but also by prioritizing their safety," he emphasized.

"We are excited to work alongside NTSA to roll out impactful road safety programs that can reduce accidents and save lives."

The collaborative effort will encompass a nationwide rollout of training programs and road safety initiatives specifically designed for boda boda riders.