In a significant move to enhance customer experience and after-sales service, OPPO Kenya has unveiled two new brand stores at the Waterfront Mall and Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi.

This expansion underscores the company's commitment to its Kenyan customer base, following the recent launches of the OPPO A60, priced at Sh29,999, and the Reno11F, priced at Sh49,999.

These new stores aim to provide OPPO customers with convenient access to the brand's comprehensive offerings.

The strategic locations at Waterfront Mall and Two Rivers Mall are set to enhance customer interaction with OPPO's range of products and services.

Fredrique Achieng, PR Manager of OPPO Kenya, highlighted the importance of this expansion.

"The opening of these new stores at the Waterfront Mall and Two Rivers Mall underscores our unwavering belief in the Kenyan market and our dedication to our customers," Achieng remarked

"This expansion signifies a crucial step in our ongoing journey to provide you with even more convenient access to our services.”

In celebration of the store openings, OPPO Kenya organised a UEFA Champions League finals watch party at the Waterfront Mall on Saturday, drawing in enthusiastic football fans and customers alike.

Patrick Cheng, Director of Sales at OPPO Kenya, noted the broader context of this expansion.

"This year has already seen the successful launch of two additional brand stores – one at Shujaah Mall in Kilimani and another at BBS Mall in Eastleigh," Cheng stated.

"These openings, coupled with today's announcement, demonstrate our commitment to continuously increasing the avenues through which you can interact with our brand."

These developments mark a continued effort by OPPO Kenya to strengthen its market presence and enhance the overall customer experience, ensuring that quality service and accessibility remain at the forefront of their operations.