The legacy of Peter Mukuha Kago, founder of Kenya's leading supermarket chain Naivas, is embroiled in a fresh ownership struggle.

Three of his children, Newton Kagira Mukuha, Grace Wambui, and David Kimani Mukuha, have separately petitioned the Nakuru High Court, seeking to replace their deceased brother Simon Gashwe as administrator of the family estate.

Gashwe, the former Naivas chairman who held a 25 per cent stake in the company, passed away in 2019 while managing the estate.

Now, his siblings raise concerns about potential mismanagement and asset misappropriation, urging the court to appoint a new administrator.

Newton Kagira claims the estate remains incomplete, with unallocated assets and potential vulnerability to exploitation. He argues that Gashwe's passing necessitates a new administrator to safeguard the family's interests.

David Kimani, however, contests these claims. He asserts that he has the consent of six other siblings for his appointment and highlights Gashwe's heirs haven't endorsed either Kagira or Wambui as replacements.

He further accuses Kagira of a conflict of interest due to ongoing lawsuits against the estate.

Grace Wambui, in her petition, emphasizes Gashwe's unfinished responsibilities.

She points out outstanding lawsuits and unresolved asset distribution within the estate, necessitating a new administrator to address these issues.

Meanwhile, in Nairobi, Newton Kagira, embroiled in a separate legal battle for Naivas control since 2013, appears determined to renew his fight for the supermarket chain.

This complex saga exposes the potential pitfalls of familial succession in large enterprises. As the legal battle unfolds, the future of the Naivas empire and its leadership remain uncertain.