The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has directed the temporary closure of all petrol stations impacted by recent heavy rains and flooding.

According to EPRA, this precautionary measure aims to protect public safety and ensure the quality of fuel dispensed across the country.

Citing concerns over the integrity of underground storage tanks (USTs) in flooded areas, EPRA highlighted the potential for floodwater or extended periods of heavy rainfall to compromise these systems.

The authority said damaged USTs could lead to product contamination, posing a significant risk to motorists.

"Any retail petrol station which has been flooded should temporarily remain closed and monitored," stated EPRA in an official notice.

The directive mandates flooded stations to undergo a thorough assessment.

This includes evaluating the extent of flooding, removing any debris, and rigorously testing fuel quality before resuming operations.

EPRA further emphasized the responsibility of station owners to anticipate and mitigate any potential environmental impact from the floods.

The level of communication with relevant government authorities is also stipulated in the directive.

Based on the severity of flooding, stations must liaise with appropriate agencies to ensure compliance with necessary protocols and regulations.