The Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) has launched an open tender for the provision and delivery of electric vehicle (EV) chargers and associated compact substations.

This strategic move is a critical step towards creating an expansive EV charging infrastructure across Kenya.

KPLC has highlighted that this initiative is in line with Kenya’s overarching objective to foster sustainable energy practices and curtail carbon emissions.

"All tenderers are advised to read carefully this tender document in its entirety before making any bid," reads a notice from KPLC, urging potential suppliers to thoroughly examine the tender documents before placing their bids.

The expansion of EV charging stations is a response to the increasing adoption of electric vehicles in the nation.

This development is anticipated to significantly support Kenya's efforts to diminish its dependence on fossil fuels and boost the utilisation of renewable energy sources.

In a bid to assure stakeholders, Kenya Power has reiterated its capacity to support the burgeoning demand for EVs.

Last year, the company assured investors in the electric vehicle sector that it possesses sufficient energy capacity to cater to the needs of clean cars.

The firm's extensive grid network is robust enough to facilitate the shift from petrol and diesel-powered vehicles to electric ones.

Kenya Power’s acting managing director, Geoffrey Muli, emphasised the company’s commitment to enhancing the grid's capability.

“The Company has consistently invested heavily towards the expansion of the grid’s capacity and its automation to accommodate the exponential growth in demand for electricity and to improve the flexibility of the grid and, in turn, the quality of power supply,” he stated.

The establishment of a comprehensive network of EV charging stations is poised to play a pivotal role in Kenya’s transition to a greener future, fostering an environment where sustainable transportation options can thrive.