The Government of Kenya has ordered a nationwide crackdown on motorist and vehicles on the roads following the recent spate of accidents.

This was announced in a statement that was releases on Wednesday by the police spokesperson Bruno Shioso.


The National Police Service and the National Transport and Safety Authority said they have noted with concern an alarming increase in road traffic crashes incidences on our roads.

The two agencies, viz NPS and NTSA further expressed their regret all the fatalities and injuries as a result of these unfortunate crashes.

According to the statement, a total of 1,968 deaths have been reported as against 1,800 as of the 3rd of June of 2022 and 2021 respectively, giving a positive variance of 9.3 per cent.

The increasing trend is replicated under other categories of serious and slight injuries.

The government reminded all road users to remain vigilant because most of the accidents result from human error.


"It is regrettable that most crashes are a result of human-related factors. Motorists and other road users are therefore reminded to remain vigilant, cautious, and responsible whilst in charge of a motor vehicle, or whenever using a public road as pedestrians," NPS said.

"A higher level of consciousness and personal responsibility towards oneself and others shall go a long way in mitigating the rising incidences of crashes."

It is for those reasons that the Inspector of Police Hilary Mutyambai and NTSA Director-General George Njao ordered the nationwide crackdown.

"The Inspector-General of Police and the NTSA Director-General has therefore directed a joint Multi-Agency crackdown to weed out all noncompliant motor vehicles and motorists, who are violating the Traffic Act and related laws. The directive takes immediate effect," the statement read.

All motorists and other road users are requested to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies at the national and county levels towards achieving the objectives of this initiative.

Mutyambai also warned that non compliant vehicles should be kept off public roads to avoid any inconvenience to passengers.


The National Police Service and the National Transport Safety Authority expressed their sympathies for the affected families.

"NPS and NTSA take this opportunity to express their sympathies to the bereaved families and wish a speedy recovery to all those injured. Road Safety is a shared responsibility, let's all play our part," the statement read.