A number of Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators, including conductors and drivers, will spend their weekend in custody after being apprehended by officers from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and subsequently handed over to the police.

Embassava Sacco, a prominent transport cooperative, is among the affected parties, as their crew members were arrested during the ongoing operation conducted across the region.

NTSA Director General George Njao on Thursday urged the public to support the collaborative efforts of NTSA and the National Police Service (NPS) in restoring order on the roads. 

Despite some PSV operators attempting to evade the operation by pulling their vehicles off the road,  Njao assured that the authorities will persevere in their endeavours.

His statement to the media in Mombasa emphasized the paramount importance of ensuring road safety for all users.

"Some PSV operators have pulled the vehicle off the road to evade the exercise but we will not relent. The roads have to be safe for all road users," Njao said.

The crackdown follows closely on the heels of the tragic incident on Wednesday, along Outering Road, where a 17-year-old young man lost his life after falling off a moving Embassava Sacco matatu.

The incident resulted in significant loss for a Kenyan, as an enraged mob descended upon the matatu and set it ablaze.