Controversial televangelist and founder of Ekeza Sacco, David Kariuki Ngare, popularly known as Gakuyo, was apprehended at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Wednesday.

The motive behind his arrest remains undisclosed, casting a shadow of mystery over the unfolding events.

Gakuyo's journey took an unexpected turn as he was intercepted by authorities and subsequently transported to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters at Mazingira Building.

There, he faced intense questioning in anticipation of legal proceedings.

Authorities familiar with the investigation revealed that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions had granted permission to pursue charges against Gakuyo, primarily implicating him in fraudulent activities.

The investigation is linked to a series of transactions involving Gakuyo and local residents in Kiambu, with a dozen files opened by the DCI.

"We had 12 files each with 25 complaints. Only one file has come back with consent to charge him and that is why he was held," a source within the law enforcement agency disclosed.

Scheduled to appear in court on Thursday to answer to the charges, Gakuyo potentially faces additional allegations pending the outcome of ongoing investigations.

In a twist of events, Gakuyo attributed his predicament to undisclosed political figures, insinuating a vendetta against him.

In a video statement, he expressed his surprise at the sudden halt to his travel plans and his subsequent detention by detectives.

"They say I cannot leave the country. I’m at JKIA. I just think there is some revenge somewhere. I’m happy I might get an opportunity to see the judge and be told on what case I have. Right now I’m at the DCI airport," Gakuyo stated in the video, portraying a mix of defiance and uncertainty.

This arrest comes amidst longstanding allegations of embezzlement against Gakuyo, totaling over Sh1 billion from members of his Ekeza Sacco.

While he previously engaged in negotiations to reimburse affected parties, law enforcement agencies affirm that the investigation into his financial dealings remains ongoing.

Gakuyo's journey from a revered figure in the religious community to a central figure in a legal saga continues to unfold, leaving many questioning the intricate web of events surrounding his arrest and the potential ramifications for his future.