Kirinyaga County has taken a significant step towards boosting Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) and secondary education within the county.

Governor Anne Waiguru, the first governor to implement such a program, distributed 15,000 free uniform sets to all ECDE learners.

The uniforms, produced at the county-owned Kaitheri Apparel Center through the Wezesha Mama Initiative, will see distinct colours representing different constituencies.

"We hope to produce another set in 3 months," Governor Waiguru remarked, highlighting the program's sustainability.

This initiative stemmed from concerns raised by parents during public participation forums regarding the high cost of uniforms from commercial retailers.

Governor Waiguru's commitment to education extends beyond uniforms. Plans are underway for a school feeding program, with each student receiving a milk packet twice a week initially.

Additionally, Waiguru, who also chairs the Council of Governors (CoG), disbursed a substantial Sh147.5 million bursary to support 45,000 underprivileged students.

This bursary program benefits students across various educational levels, with 35,656 recipients in secondary schools, 5,443 in colleges, and 3,901 in universities.

This disbursement marks the largest yet by Kirinyaga County, exceeding the Sh70 million allocated in 2019 and bringing the total bursary investment in the past six years to Sh413.8 million, impacting a total of 146,211 students.

Governor Waiguru emphasized her unwavering support for improving the county's academic performance and ensuring every child has the opportunity to thrive.

"We are committed to supporting our children's education," she declared, "We believe that every one of them should have the opportunity and means to realize their full potential regardless of their circumstance."

The Governor urged bursary recipients to prioritize their studies, acknowledging the transformative power of education in shaping their futures and contributing meaningfully to their communities and the nation.

The County Assembly Leader of Majority, Daniel Kibinga, commended the Governor for the timely disbursement, allowing parents ample time to plan for the upcoming term.

He expressed confidence in the county's ability to achieve numerous development goals due to the collaborative efforts between the County Assembly and the Executive.

The free uniforms and bursary program are expected to significantly ease the financial burden on parents in Kirinyaga County, while simultaneously promoting early childhood development and higher education opportunities.