The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and the Kenya Transporters Association (KTA) are issuing urgent safety advisories in response to the ongoing heavy rainfall impacting various regions of the country.

These downpours have resulted in hazardous road conditions, prompting both organizations to emphasize caution and preventative measures for all road users.

NTSA Highlights Increased Accident Risk

The NTSA has expressed significant concern regarding the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists during this period.

NTSA Road Safety Manager, Samuel Musumba, pointed to the recent extreme weather events as a primary factor, stating, "As the country continues to experience very extreme weather events, a lot of rains are pounding several parts of the country during which we are experiencing so many challenge."

Musumba specifically warned against navigating flooded roadways, underlining the dangers posed by obscured hazards and compromised infrastructure.

To mitigate these risks, the NTSA recommends that drivers:

Reduce Speed: Adjust speed to allow for ample reaction time in wet conditions.

Increase Following Distance: Maintain a greater buffer zone between vehicles to accommodate for increased stopping distances.

Activate Headlights: Utilize headlights, even during daytime rain, to enhance visibility.

KTA Offers Comprehensive Guidance

The KTA has released a detailed set of recommendations to further bolster safety measures while driving in the rain.

These recommendations encompass pre-trip preparations and essential driving practices:

Ministry of Transport Reiterates Flood Dangers

The Ministry of Transport has echoed the concerns raised by the NTSA, emphasizing the dangers associated with floodwaters.

Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen urged Kenyans to avoid underestimating the power of floodwaters, highlighting the infrastructure damage and loss of life these events have caused.

"The heavy rains currently being experienced in different parts of the country have resulted in floods that have led to the loss of lives, destruction of property and critical infrastructure like railway lines, roads and bridges, and disruption of traffic flow," Murkomen said.

According to Murkomen, the Ministry is actively engaged in repair efforts to restore essential infrastructure and maintain traffic flow.

"The Ministry, through the State Agencies in the State Department for Roads, has been working on mitigating measures to restore destroyed infrastructure and ensure undisrupted movement of people and goods to various destinations," he added.

However, both the Ministry and NTSA urge all Kenyans to prioritize safety and exercise extreme caution while travelling on the roads during this period of heavy rainfall.