Kenya has taken a bold step towards environmental stewardship and national unity by declaring Friday a public holiday for National Tree Growing Day.

This announcement, published under the Public Holidays Act (Cap. 110) and signed by Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration, Kithure Kindiki, signifies a multi-faceted effort – combating climate change, honouring flood victims, and fostering collective responsibility for the environment.

"Public Holidays Act, the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration, declares Friday, 10th May, 2024, a public holiday for purposes of countrywide tree growing activities," the statement read.

The gazette notice lays bare the stark realities facing Kenya.

It acknowledges the existential threat posed by climate change to the nation's security, public safety, and ecological well-being.

The recent cycles of devastating floods and droughts are a stark reminder of the urgency for action.

"RECOGNISING that the effects of climate change pose an existential threat to national security, public safety and the ecological sustainability of Kenya," the statement read.

In a gesture of solidarity with those impacted, the government has chosen to couple the tree-planting initiative with a day of remembrance for those who lost their lives or livelihoods to these natural disasters.

This national public holiday provides a unique opportunity for Kenyans to come together and actively contribute to a greener future for their nation.

It's a chance to not only plant trees but also reflect on the importance of environmental conservation.

The initiative aligns with the government's ambitious goal of planting 15 billion trees by 2032, a significant step towards restoring Kenya's depleted forests.

By uniting on this day, Kenyans can not only honour the victims of climate disasters but also plant the seeds of a more resilient future for generations to come.