Kenyans have been experiencing frustratingly slow internet speeds and intermittent outages since Sunday.

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has attributed the issue to a deep-sea fibre cut that occurred near the Mtunzini Teleport Station.

This critical infrastructure disruption has impacted several submarine cables that deliver internet traffic to Kenya, including the Seacom and East African Submarine System (Eassy) cables.

In a statement released on Sunday, CA acknowledged the disruption and assured Kenyans that remedial efforts are underway.

"The recovery process has since commenced, but Internet intermittency and slow speeds may remain in the coming few days before services are fully restored," indicated CA Director-General & CEO David Mugonyi.

CA has intimated that it is working closely with service providers to minimize the disruption caused by the internet outage.

The authority has directed service providers to explore alternative routes for internet traffic flow and are actively monitoring the situation to ensure continued connectivity.

"Meanwhile, the Authority has directed service providers to take proactive steps to secure alternative routes for their traffic and is monitoring the situation closely to ensure that incoming and outbound internet connectivity is available," stated Mugonyi.

Fortunately, the East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) cable, which was not affected by the undersea fibre cut, is currently being used for local internet traffic.

Additionally, redundancy measures have been activated on the South African route to further mitigate the impact of the damaged cables.

While a full restoration timeline remains unclear, Kenyans can expect internet services to gradually improve over the next few days.