Samsung Electronics has announced that it will be availing its popular innovative Galaxy AI features to more mobile devices under the Galaxy lineup through a new One UI 6.1 update.

Those using a wide range of devices, including the Galaxy S22 and S23 Series, Z Fold 4 and Z Fold 5, Z Flip 4 and Z Flip 5, as well as Tab S9 and S8 Series will access the latest update.

The update aligns with the Galaxy S24 series launched in early 2024 introducing a hybrid approach combining on-device and cloud-based AI to elevate Galaxy device capabilities.

“Our aim with Galaxy AI isn’t just to lead a new age of mobile AI; it’s about empowering users worldwide, including those in Kenya, by making AI more accessible,” said Samsung Electronics East Africa Head of Mobile Division Antony Hutia.

He added: “Our vision continues to extend, reaching over 100 million Galaxy users globally by 2024, as we persistently innovate to unlock the boundless potential of mobile AI.”

The Galaxy AI features include the ability to adjust message tone and translate messages in 13 different languages using Chat Assist.

Galaxy users can experience the power of real-time interactions via Live Translate, which provides voice and text translations for phone calls.

With Interpreter, users can also engage in spontaneous conversations with locals while travelling as the split-screen feature generates text translations for live conversations.

Circle to Search with Google enhances the search functions with intuitive search results generated through a swift circle-motioned gesture.

Note Assist and Browsing Assist streamline tasks, enabling the user to create, summarize, translate notes, and generate comprehensive summaries of news articles effortlessly.

Transcript Assist simplifies the transcription of meeting recordings and provides summaries and translations, enhancing productivity.

Samsung says the availing of Galaxy AI and its endless features to more of its array of devices allows for a more seamless user experience as one executes their day-to-day tasks.

The Korean tech firm says it will continue to lead the way in pushing cutting-edge innovation and mobile AI technology in an effort to boost communication, efficiency and creativity.