In a significant move towards bolstering regional trade ties, Kenya and Uganda have finalized a tripartite agreement focused on the importation and transit of petroleum products.

This agreement, signed during a State Visit at State House Nairobi, marks a pivotal moment in streamlining the petroleum sector's operations between the two nations.

President William Ruto, speaking alongside President Yoweri Museveni, highlighted the transformative impact this agreement would have on Uganda's petroleum industry.

"We have just witnessed this agreement which enables the Uganda National Oil Company Ltd to import refined petroleum commodities directly from producer jurisdictions thus bringing to an end the challenges faced by the sector in Uganda," President Ruto stated.

The signing ceremony follows the culmination of seven other memoranda of understanding earlier in the week in Kampala, as President Ruto explained.

These agreements underscore a commitment to strengthening bilateral relations and fostering a trajectory of positive transformation.

Central to the discussions were measures to eliminate trade barriers and enhance infrastructure connectivity.

President Ruto emphasized the importance of extending the Standard Gauge Railway from Naivasha to Malaba and onwards to Kampala and the Democratic Republic of Congo, positioning it as a cornerstone for efficient regional trade.

Furthermore, both Presidents directed their respective trade ministers to address any outstanding impediments to trade promptly.

President Ruto emphasized, "The meeting also emphasised the importance of extending the Standard Gauge Railway from Naivasha to Malaba and all the way to Kampala and DRC as an efficient and sustainable infrastructure for the transportation of goods."

Acknowledging the broader regional context, President Ruto highlighted the significance of collaboration within East African Community frameworks and other regional organizations.

He commended President Museveni for his dedication to regional integration and emphasized the pivotal role of such partnerships in driving continental and international integration efforts.

The agreements encompass diverse sectors, including diplomacy, public service management, youth affairs, sports, education, and gender equality.

President Ruto detailed the scope of cooperation outlined in the memoranda, underscoring the commitment to mutual growth and development.

President Museveni echoed the sentiment of partnership and emphasized the imperative of dismantling barriers to trade not only within the region but across the continent.

He emphasized the dual importance of economic integration for prosperity and strategic security through political integration.

The bilateral agreements reflect a shared commitment to fostering a conducive environment for trade and cooperation, setting a promising precedent for enhanced regional collaboration in various sectors.